Marietta-hime no Konrei 23

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Chapter 23

Challenging the Mission



Adlan knocked the door to the office and opened it, where there was Belvant with his usual atrocious appearance and furrowed brows.

He was apparently somewhat displeased with the data of the documents he was holding.


“That’s the last, right? Your schedule is supposed to be free in the afternoon, so you can spend some time with the princess.”

“Even so, this is…”

“It’s alright, I have checked it earlier and I have made the necessary preparations. The result will be out by tomorrow, so you can review it afterwards.”


Adlan, a man who’s good at his work, answered with a calm expression.


“…That was fast.”

“Fufun, I have received some energy, so I’m moving right ahead with the work.”


Say, what did you absorb from Sierra, again?

Belvant furrowed his eyebrows more, to the extent that his expression turned into something that could make even a demon to run away in fear. Even so, that kind of thing didn’t bother Adlan at all, as he just shrugged his shoulders.


“Uhm, Sir Belvant?”

A clear and beautiful charming voice resounded. Recognizing the owner of that voice, Belvant’s expression changed.

It was an evident change.


[The quick change from a dreadful fierce god into a fine general, isn’t that way too conspicuous?]

Adlan kept his quip inside his own mind.


“Marietta, you finally came.”

“I wanted to see you, Sir Belvant.”

Belvant stood up from his chair and held up his fiancée who lifted her dress’ skirt, and rushed over towards him.

It goes without saying that he lifted her easily with only using his left hand.

Marietta circled her hands to Belvant’s neck, fixing herself comfortably to her usual position, and laughed with satisfaction.

Belvant was gazing at her sweetly, very sweetly.

He caressed Marietta’s cheek with his free right hand, and then he touched her chin.



“Ah-, well then, please enjoy making out to your heart’s content after this. I will go and finish my work. Khu-, I really want to go and meet Sierra-“

Run with all your power, Sierra.

This man has already forgotten about what he has done last night.


Well, anyways.

Upon hearing the name “Sierra”, Marietta remembered her important mission.


“Hey, Sir Belvant.”

Marietta peered into Belvant’s ice blue pupils, as she thought in fascination, [No matter how many times I see them, they’re still very dreamy…], and then turned her face down.

“I would love to see your appearance during a match. Since you’re so strong, I think it will be a very dreamy thing to watch.”

Marietta then caressed Belvant’s muscle with her palm.

By the way, Marietta’s belief was [Muscles must be used!].

“Is that so. If Marietta is interested, would you like to come to the knights’ practice ground? The timing is perfect since I was also considering to exercise my body a little bit.”


Belvant, who thought to himself that it’s good to be able to have a healthy date, didn’t notice Marietta’s morbid expectation, and continued the conversation.

“Thank you very much for listening to my selfishness, Sir Belvant!”

“That kind of thing isn’t selfishness at all. Instead, I’d like to be able to grant more of your wishes.”

“Oh my, Sir Belvant! I’m truly happy…”


After that, Marietta clung to Belvant’s neck as they were having their “Chu Chu Time” for a while. But, the dispirited Adlan, who was initially there as the two of them laid out their sweetness, had already left the room.

And, as usual, in order to hold down his wicked desire towards Marietta who was adorably clinging to his neck with her all, Belvant demonstrated his swordsmanship technique wholeheartedly, putting all of his fighting spirit into the sparring, causing the muscle army corps—er, rather—the members of Oltaire Chivalric Order to rejoice, and once again the ardent and sweltering Muscle Festival was unfolded.



The festival was finally over.

There was a man who grasped his sword in a daunting pose, as he was drenched in his own sweat, as if water was poured over from his head.


“Hmm, everyone seems to have improved their skills considerably. I had quite a hard time sparring with them.”


Surrounding him was a heap of corpses…not, there were a couple of collapsed warriors who had used up all of their strength, scattered around the place.

Every one of them was also drenched in sweat.

It was excessively steamy as far as the eyes could see.



They were by no means weak.

On the contrary, the Oltaire Chivalric Order were beings renowned for their invincibility and their dauntless courage.

However, General Belvant Fergus was out of the standard.

On top of having a tall and sturdy stature which was a blessing as a soldier, he also had an innate talent and serious disposition which led him to temper his swordsmanship skills, speed, and strength until they were all excellent.

In addition, he was also quick-witted, which made him able to make his judgement in an instant.

Moreover, despite his initial strength, today he also had his repressed bottomless libido (In other words, the ero power that arised towards Marietta), he got powered up into an existence that exceeded any normal human being.


“Each one of you is really powerful! However, don’t be conceited, try to face your own weaknesses directly, and aim for further level! For that reason, I will beat you all no matter how many times, with the intention of training you thoroughly! Follow me even if you have to grovel! That will surely strengthen you!”


“General Fergus–!”

Their shout of joy that looked like an angry roar, as if the earth was rumbling, could be heard.

They were exceedingly reeked of men.

And they were also dirty.



[Aah, I wonder how they could be very strong and gallant.]

Despite being in such an environment, there was a lone princess who crossed her arms in front of her bosom, her eyes were moist and deeply moved by what she witnessed.

Even though it was a place unsuitable for the young woman no matter how you look at it, for the muscle-loving Marietta, it was a place that she could call a paradise.



“You looked very fantastic today, too, Sir Belvant!”

“Is that so. Princess, you really love the swords art, huh.”

“Yes. I’m most fond of Sir Belvant’s gallant figure in particular.”

“I, is that so?”

Belvant who hung his coat on his shoulders, was unable to lift Marietta because he was drenched in sweat. He walked slowly towards his own room inside the royal palace while matching his pace with her.

Naturally, he was heading there in order to wash away his dirty body.

Walking next to him was a small princess who was looking at him with her sparkling blue eyes that yearned for Belvant, and they were excessively charming that it was unbearable.

“Now, please slowly enjoy yourself in the bath. I will be waiting while drinking some tea here.”

“Sorry for that. Well then, I’ll wash my body first.”



Marietta’s eyes, who should have been innocent, glittered in that instant.

And then.



After Belvant disappeared into the bathroom, she immediately locked the door and put her blond hair together, arranging it into a high ponytail.

Then, how could it be, she took off her dress.


“Ufu, it worked well!”


After placing her dress on the sofa, Marietta who was only in her underwear, entered the bathroom.





The naked Belvant was taking a bath to wash off his sweat.

Due to exerting plenty of his power, his excessive worldly desires disappeared, and it looked like he could spend the time in a well-mannered behavior with Marietta today. Or, so he thought.


“Sir Belvant, I will help wash your body!”

“Marietta! Why are you here…”


Even if the enemy ambushed him, he wouldn’t be as surprised as this.

The calm and collected general was now jumping in surprise.

Beyond the steam, there stood his lovely fiancee’s figure in her underwear, grinning with the cloth for washing body on one of her hands.


 “W, wh, what in the…”

“Thank you for your hard work today, too. Please let me reward you as your wife.”

“No, wait, no, no, you’re still not yet my wife, so…”


“Since we’re engaged, wouldn’t I be the same as your wife? …or could it be… am I insufficient as your wife?”

“I haven’t said anything like that.”

“Thank goodness! It’s alright, I think I know how to wash your body!”

“I don’t think that’s the problem here. Wait, please calm down.”

Unfortunately, the one who couldn’t compose himself was Belvant.

After putting enough soap into the washing cloth, Marietta said to Belvant.

“Please sit down on that chair. Since Sir Belvant is large, I wouldn’t be able to reach you if you don’t sit down.”


“Please, have a seat.”

When Marietta extended her hand, Belvant hurriedly sat on the chair.


As for Marietta…

As soon as she entered the bathroom, she made sure to affirm something important.

That’s right, it was Belvant’s size.


[Well, I shan’t relinquish this chance!]

Her thoughts upon seeing itit wasn’t that enormous.

Marietta felt relieved.

[Thank goodness, this seems to be alright.]


Marietta who was afraid of how terrifying that thing might be, now felt relieved and was about to begin servicing Belvant.


“Then, I will start from your back.”

Belvant who was still dumbfounded had missed his chance to drive Marietta away from the bathroom, and obediently had his body washed.

“Umph! Umph!” The future wife who washed his wide back while slightly letting out her voice was way too cute.



Yes, enough to wake up Belvant’s supposedly dormant lust.

Marietta washed his thick neck, his robust arms, and even the tip of his nose that was drenched in sweat wholeheartedly.

Before one realized it, the white bubbles reached her pink cheeks, but Marietta who was so immersed with her washing didn’t even notice it.


This is bad.

She is way too cute.


Because she was only wearing her underwear, her white and slender arms and legs were exposed, and they were seductive.

Belvant’s lust was increasingly stirred up.

“Next, I will wash your chest… eh?”


Marietta who just turned around, started to blink incessantly.


“Eh? Why?”


Even though it was so languid until just now.

Why is it getting bigger now?


Marietta then proceeded to look at Belvant’s face in comparison to it.

With his somewhat reddish face, Belvant turned away from Marietta.


“Ah-, Marietta, you’re way too ignorant about a man’s condition.”

“A, ah, uhm…”


He turned his face away, avoiding Marietta who was staring at that.

Thereupon, whether he was aware of Marietta’s stare, that thing went up even more.


“Y, you can’t! Don’t get any bigger than that!”

The trembling Marietta then dropped the washing cloth which was soaked with the bubbles, and then suppressed it with both hands, thoughtlessly gripping it.





While pulsing, it transformed even bigger until it became atrocious, and Marietta somehow managed to stop its transformation to become even more enormous with her hands that were slippery due to the bubbles. But as a result, Marietta was stroking it many times over while sliding her small hands.


“Ah, no, stop it.”

“Wait, please don’t get any bigger!”


Nuru nuru nuru nuru nuruu!*

(*the sound effect from Marietta stroking it with her slippery hands)




In the end, it swelled up remarkably huge, and when she continued to stroke it violently, it sprayed some white and sticky liquid many times over Marietta’s front body.



Author’s Comment :

Sorry for being so vulgar in this chapter!

Marietta had no ill will at all.

Now, Belvant who just did bukkake towards his beloved adorable fiancée (still a virgin), and Marietta who was stunned by that thing that transformed enormously, what will the two of them do about this situation?

Next time, please look forward to it! V (peace sign)




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