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The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 13

Continuing the NSFW moment from last chapter… what happened in the next morning?

Here you go, the last chapter that I have in store!


Chapter 13

A Call from The Royal Palace



When Lise opened her eyes the next morning, she was already in a bad mood.

The source of her bad mood was due to Wizard forcing her to have sex again last night.

Wizard got rejected by Lise from early in the morning.

“Even though I said no… I hate Wizard-sama!!”



Wizard wondered what he could give to Lise so that she’d be in a good mood again?

However, he doesn’t know what she likes.

He has given her a lot of dresses and accessories.

The remaining items that he hasn’t given her yet… are sweets and flowers.

But, the maids have already made the sweets… so, flower is it, then?



Wizard then went out to the town.

There, he found a flower vendor immediately.

He wanted to give flowers that suited Lise.

He wondered what flowers would suit Lise.

After thinking for a while, he decided to buy the same flower as that time.

The memorable flower for the two of them.



“Hey, give me all the red roses over there.”

“Huh, all of these flowers?!”

“Yeah, I want that red roses. Arrange them into a bouquet.”

The flower vendor was surprised.

Even so, she skillfully arranged a flower bouquet.



Since he was walking today, then the flowers won’t be scattered.

If he were to go here by horse, then the flowers might be scattered to the ground.

Surely, Lise’s mood will be better after seeing these roses.

Since Lise likes flowers.

“Lise, I’m coming home right now.”



However, Lise who was secluded inside the room didn’t answer back when he called for her.

With a heavy sigh, Wizard entered the couple’s bedroom but Lise’s figure couldn’t be seen.

But, there was a sign of her inside the room.

When Wizard opened the closet, Lise was in there.



“Do you hate me that much until you want to run away?”

“…Since I said those things in the morning, I couldn’t bring myself to face you, so I hid myself…”

Wizard was relieved to hear it.



“This is for you, Lise… to make up for last night.”

Lise widened her eyes in surprise.

“This is… the flower from that time…”

“Yeah. This is a memorable flower that brings the two of us together.”

Wizard handed the bouquet of roses to Lise after saying that.

“Are you not mad about this morning?”

“No, because I was in the wrong.”



Wizard then kissed Lise.

“Will you forgive me with this?”

“Yes, we’ve reconciled now.”

Wizard then called the maids to arrange the roses in a vase.

The room was engulfed in the roses’ scent.



“Did you come back to the mansion while bringing this massive bouquet of roses?”

“Yeah. What’s with it?”

“Fufufufuu, it doesn’t really suit you.”

“Don’t be rude! After I went into the trouble for Lise…”

“I understand. Thank you very much.”

With that, the two of them reconciled.


“…Lise, it’s about that pendant, but…”

“What’s wrong with the pendant?”

“If you cherish your daily life now, then it’s better not to learn about the pendant.”

“Eh? What do you mean?”




Wizard was wondering whether it was good to tell Lise or not.

However, since it was an important matter, he decided to tell her.

“Can you see the crest underneath the amber? That’s the crest of the royal family.”

“The royal family?”

“It is a custom for the royal family members to wear accessories with the crest.”

Lise was surprised.



“Then, there’s a possibility for my father to be someone from the royal family?!”

“Yeah. If that’s the case, then perhaps they might be looking for you.”

Lise was slightly bewildered.

“I’d like to see my father.”

Wizard shook his head.

“You can’t meet the royalty that easily.”



While they were talking about it, a knock to the door could be heard.


After Lise answered, Vinan entered the room in a panic.

A letter was clutched in Vinan’s hand.

“A letter from the royal palace has arrived, it’s addressed to Wizard-sama.”

“From the royal palace?”



Wizard was doubtful, but he broke the seal to the letter and the content was like this.

[Since we’re looking for someone, could we hire some personnel from the army?]

“Looking for someone…”

Wizard had a bad hunch.

[Let’s talk about the details in the royal palace.]



He couldn’t think of anything else other than looking for Lise.

Wizard thought that he should keep silent about this to Lise.

It is most likely not something good since they are trying to search for her now, after leaving her alone so far.

Nevertheless, since it’s his job, Wizard thought that he would head to the royal palace tomorrow.



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