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Chapter 25

A Correct Knowledge is Important


The pleasant-smelling herb that was entered into the hot water within the bathtub, once it cooled down would result in loosening the muscles if it were used for a long time, and it was by no means something that should be soaked into for a long time.

Nevertheless, Belvant whose blood circulation improved strangely, sat down on the edge of the bathtub to cool down his head.


Marietta was soaked in the hot water just as she was, touching the bundle of herbs.

Even though she was terribly embarrassed earlier, she has gotten used to it, and as if she was together with an innocent child, she didn’t pay any mind even though she was naked.

As expected, perhaps it has something to do with how she couldn’t quite comprehend the matter regarding a man and a woman.


“Sir Belvant, please tell me.”


She inquired with her clear blue eyes that had no ill intention.


“No, I’m the one who wants to hear about it. How did you conclude that it should go to your mouth?”


Well, there is also that kind of a fun option.

However, it is by no means something aimed for a beginner.


“After all, it’s something that was written in the book!”


Marietta pouted as she pointed her objection.

That expression of hers was way too adorable, that Belvant bent over to kiss her, causing Marietta’s face to break out into a smile.


“There are lots of expressions that I don’t understand, and I’m troubled over them. Let see, [he put his thick stave into her small, dripping wet mouth, hammering it in one go] or, [the sultry cloudy thing1 was overflowingly poured in many times over], like that… hey, it is put into the mouth, right?”


Marietta who turned around towards Belvant, stared fixedly at it which is still facing towards the sky.


“Whoa, wait, listen, you should absolutely not touch it with your hands, got it?”


It was as if he was telling her to be cautious of the explosion of the hazardous materials.


“Okay, I will not touch it.”


Marietta nodded obediently.


“Oh my, could it be, the thing that came out a lot earlier was [the sultry cloudy thing], I guess?”


“U, umu, well, maybe.”


“Ah, I understand! If I were to drink that, I would be having Sir Belvant’s baby, right?! Isn’t that right?”


Too bad!

But you got the drinking spot wrong!


Belvant opened his mouth to correct her mistake. However, before he got to do that, Marietta happily said this.


“I want to quickly have Sir Belvant’s baby. I want to give birth to as many as two babies, and then build a lively family! Sir Belvant’s children will surely be rambunctious yet kind, and adorable. Hey, aren’t you looking forward to it?”


“My, children?”


Belvant opened his mouth dumbfoundedly.

He was way too happy.


Wanting to bear my child, is that what this adorable person wish for?

The child of someone, like me?




She entwined her slender and smooth fingers to Belvant’s unrefined hand that’s covered with callus.


“Well, I want it as soon as possible. It’s fine, right, Sir Belvant?”


What a sweet pleading it is.

He was deeply moved, and nodded without thinking about anything.


“I’m so happy!”


Then, Marietta whose wrong guess wasn’t corrected…


Adorably put Belvant’s welled up male parts inside her own mouth!




Unable to withstand the unexpected stimulus, the brave warrior with a long record of his military service made a wry face, and screamed in his misery.


Certainly, she hasn’t touched it with her hands.

However, with her earnestly opened mouth, she covered it up to the glans entirely. Furthermore, she sucked it up after that!


“Stop, let it go, Mariettaa!”


With his flushed face, Belvant screamed.

The earnest Marietta kept her promise not to touch it with her hands, as both of her hands were crossed behind her back as she was protruding her head and butt in such an obscene pose, and then she moved her mouth fervently.

The face that sometimes looked up with a curiosity was splendidly erotic, don’t you think?




The beautiful naked girl stuffed her small mouth with it and sucking it without letting it go at all.

Chuu, chuu, chuu, so was the sound of her sucking red lips.




Belvant was taken aback and returned to his agony.

Unconsciously, tears started to manifest, as his face turned red as if it was boiling.


*chupon*, so was the sound of Marietta’s lips leaving it.

The plump red lips and the moist pupils, with her white body drenched in the hot water. Not only that, but her face was already looking lascivious. With sparkling eyes, she asked Belvant.


“By any chance, was it painful?”


“Haa… No, it doesn’t hurt. On the contrary, it feels really good, however.”


Here, it was a bad move for Belvant to answer that foolishly honest.


“Thank goodness.”


“Marietta, that’s why until the end, liste—gwaah!”


The sensitive male part was once more being wrapped up by the hot and slippery mucous membrane, and Belvant was exposed to a pleasure that could be categorized as violent, causing him to raise his voice to groan in what resembled the cries of pain.


Marietta felt a salty taste inside her mouth.


(Ah, I wonder if the white thing from earlier just came out?)


The girl excited in her anticipation, as she desired the precious children, rubbed the tip of the rod gently with her tongue, then strongly sucked it up.



The merciless Marietta sucked in all of the liquid earlier that she so wanted, for she desired children.


The thing that was on the verge of exploding, was exposed to the excessively intense pleasure without the least resistance.


“Aah, coming——-”


The scream that resembled a crying voice resounded in the bathroom.




…Oltaire’s fierce god, has reached.




Marietta, who was holding her mouth with both of her hands, hardened.


This is bad.

At any rate, this is bad.


Even though she can’t have babies if she don’t drink this, on top of being slightly salty, it had a bitter taste. The lukewarm and thick liquid that was entwined inside her mouth, was something that was awfully hard to swallow.

The grassy smell of it escaped her mouth and made all the way through her nose.


(What should I do, even if it’s something that everyone else does, no matter what, I can’t swallow it. Is my love lacking power? Even though I love Sir Belvant this much, but why… can’t I drink it…?)


“Spit it out! Spit it! Oi, Marietta!”


Belvant pulled her body in order to somehow make her spit out the thing inside her mouth. However, Marietta, with tears on her face, stubbornly wouldn’t open her mouth.


“Listen well, you can’t make a child by drinking that.”




“That’s why, it’s surely sperm, but the place where you should insert it is different, so spit it out!”


(It is… different?)


Marietta opened her mouth.

From her mouth, the proof of Belvant’s lust flowed in a trickle, and viewing that immoral scene, once more, again, his lower part was overflowing with lust.


Belvant shoved his fingers into Marietta’s small mouth, and as a result, she gargled and scraped out the white turbidity.


“Even though it must have tasted terrible inside your mouth… Really, you…”


“I… really wanted to have Sir Belvant’s baby.”


“…Ah, is that so?”


“I really want to quickly become Sir Belvant’s wife, but…”


Marietta limply grimaced.


“I made a mistake, huh…”


Tears spilled out in large drops from her blue glass-sphere-like eyes.


“Sir Belvant, I’m sorry.”


“Why are you crying? There’s nothing to cry about, everyone also makes mistakes. Your mistake is adorable, so it’s not a problem.”




“You want to bear my child, right? I’m really happy. I will teach you all about the method, and then I will make you pregnant however much you want. Give birth to lots of children, I don’t mind whether they are boys or girls, give birth to as many as you want, and let’s make a lively family, okay?”


“Sir Belvant, ah, uwaaaaaaan!”


Unable to endure her feelings, Marietta broke into tears. Belvant gently hugged her and caressed her head many times over.





“You know, Sierra, Sir Belvant’s thing, it was amazingly big!”


Being suddenly told that, Sierra was surprised.


“But you know, Sir Belvant told me that we need to prepare it properly so that it won’t hurt. That’s right, starting from tomorrow, so that it would be able to be inserted at the wedding day.”


“I, is that so, that is good.”


The maids, starting with Sierra, one by one turned away and gazed at the faraway place.


“I have never thought of putting it in such a place.”


By the way, Marietta who had been taught gently about the woman’s genitalia in the bath, somehow tried to look at her bottom and plunged her face into the hot water that she almost drowned.


“But, it will be okay as long as I leave it up to Sir Belvant! He really is a reliable husband, so dreamy. I’m really a fortunate person!”


I’m sorry for the troublesome princess.


Sierra apologized to the general in her mind.


“It looks like I’ll be able to sleep soundly tonight.”


Marietta cheerfully smiled and said that.




At that time, Belvant was endlessly anguishing.

Towards Marietta, not only was his thing got worked up and exploded twice, he also induced his male desires towards the innocent princess in succession.


(Oh my, Sir Belvant’s clothes sure are big!)


After taking the bath, Marietta put on his shirt on top of her peach-colored body and was charmingly being delighted by it!


(The thing that will go into my female parts, is it really Sir Belvant’s pen… uhm, I mean, that big rod? Isn’t that impossible? Well, the important place that will be given the sperm, eeh, to have it being entered by it, I’m feeling anxious. Ah, are you going to check it? Thank you very much, eeh, of course I will never show it to anyone other than my husband.)


The bare Marietta who was only wearing the loose shirt, sat down on top of Belvant’s bed and raised her knees, and once her knees opened… just directly in front of his eyes, the maiden’s secret, still-pink petal…


“Gwaaaaah, once we get married, you’d better prepare yourself! But before then, I will endure it! I am a warrior who’s carrying the name of his country, I will show you that I can endure any kind of difficulty–!!”


Basking himself starting from the head in the cold water similar to the waterfall, the General Belvant who was suppressing the hell fire breaking out tonight, as well, was a 30 years old man who was in his prime age.




Author Note :

Eh-, it seems that the degree of the vulgarity is increased even further, I’m sorry.

Once they get married, what will happen to the princess?

There have been irresistible anxieties towards that these days,

But as I thought, perhaps this kind of condition will continue even after she becomes a wife.

Good luck, General!




Translation Notes :

1 If anyone has a better translation for this [じょうねつてきなはくだく].



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