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Chapter 26

Could It Be A Love Rival?


Several days after Belvant was exposed to Marietta’s illiterate erotic attacks, the two of them favorably deepened their relationship in the middle of their busy schedule.


The marriage preparation has been preceding smoothly under the command of Sierra, the capable maid. Speaking of Belvant’s job, through yet another capable person, the lieutenant general Adlan, the work was scheduled into a no-gap allocation that made it possible to be handled perfectly.


“Adlan, would it be prohibited to place Marietta on my lap during the work, after all?”


“How can you be so foolishly in love?! Isn’t it obvious that it was impossible, or rather, are you really the General Fargus? The fierce god of Oltaire? If you really want to meet the princess, then you must work hard!”


Belvant roared in his grief.

However, that can’t be helped.


For you see, in order to work out the time for the two’s couple date, Adlan and Sierra’s rendezvous was also reduced.

Understanding that, even though Belvant’s face warped to the extent that he looked like the great devil king, he followed Adlan’s instructions and diligently worked.


“Yosh, with this, our today’s duties are done. Since we have sent out an escort to the princess’ place, they should be here soon, so go on and be lovey dovey to your heart’s content, but don’t do it until the end, that’s all!”


*knock knock*

Knocking at the perfect timing, Adlan opened the door and there stood the general’s beloved sweetheart.


“How do you do, Sir Belvant?!”




Marietta slightly raised her dress, and Belvant approached her half-running and then held her in his arms.


“Alright then, I’ll be dispersing from your sight, so… hmm?”


Another person came in from the same door.


“Long time no see, General Fargus.”


A sexy voice that was slightly hoarse.

A gorgeous beauty with her blond and wavy long hair stood there.

Her figure was tall and slender, her height was about the same as Adlan.


“I’m so glad I can meet you, Belvant.”


It was the beginning of the storm.






“Well, I am not happy.”


With a sour expression, Belvant said that.

Strength filled in the hands that held Marietta.




As Marietta was still clinging to Belvant’s neck, she looked in turn to Belvant’s expression and the suspicious-looking intruder.


“River, you, no matter what the circumstances may be, showing up without an appointment is rude, in addition, you’re in the presence of the princess.”


Adlan said, as his words were mixed with sigh.


“Oh my, what a cold thing to say. Aren’t we close friends?”


The beauty showed her bewitching smile.

However, the two men showed their unpleasant expression in exchange.


“How could it be that in the middle of my business trip, Belvant’s getting engaged?! During the time when I was diligently repairing the barriers in the middle of the intense cold area, how could you be lovey dovey to some princess?!”


“It doesn’t have anything to do with you, right?”


“To say that it doesn’t have anything to do with me! What a mean thing to say!”


The beauty raised her eyebrows.


“Eeh, of course it has something to do with me! I, I…”


“Uhm, who could you be?”


Though she doesn’t follow the entire situation, yet Marietta who somehow could understand the somewhat turbulent situation, inquired Adlan with her small voice.


“Oh, how rude of me. Princess Marietta of the Stellaus, my name is River Link, Oltaire’s Head of Magician.”


The beauty said, with an immature attitude of standoffishly raising up her chin.


“Oh my, you’re Miss Magician, aren’t you? Pleased to meet you, I’m Marietta. How do you do, Miss Link?”


Aloofly pulling Belvant’s clothes, Marietta was let off to the ground, and while elegantly bowing, she courteously introduced herself.

The Head of Magician is an existence who’s largely involved with the country’s protection.


“Thank you for your courteousness. I have always had the privilege of being close to Belvant.”


“It’s just a relationship of work, right? Don’t say anything unnecessary.”


“Oh my, what a fine thing to say.”


Upon sending her sidelong glance towards Belvant with her distinctly long-slitted pupils, the person towards whom it was intended for, responded with a very repulsive expression.


“It seems that you are my husband’s colleague. From now on, please continue to treat him well.”


“Well, you seem to have quite a good composure! Oh princess, don’t you mind about me at all?”


“…? I apologize, but, I don’t understand what you mean.”


“You-know-what, I’ve told you for quite a few times already that Belvant and I have a close relationship. Do you understand?”


“Yes. It’s a wonderful thing, don’t you think?”


“Hold it right there! Isn’t that weird?!”


“What is?”


“You are supposed to be jealous there! You should get angry! [Just what kind of relationship do you have–] something like that!”


“Uhm… it’s a relationship between men, isn’t it? I won’t get jealous by that.”


Marietta smiled sweetly.


“Because Miss Link is really a man, after all.”


“! …You’ve seen through me so well, huh.”


The beautiful person who’s holding one’s love towards Belvant, River Link was an effeminate man.






“Ah man-, here I thought you’d show even a little sign of jealousy by shaking you up, how boring!”


“I’m sorry. However, I can’t help but be anxious just by being carried by Sir Belvant, so please pardon me for that matter.”


“Marietta, there is no need for you to seriously follow on River Link’s teasing.”


“Oh my, hmm, let’s not say something like that, okay?”


It is scary to wound my maiden heart, you know.


“Hey, dear cute princess, it is indeed troublesome that these days lots of glamourous females followed this person, right?”


“Yes! It looks like I have lots of rivals in love.”


“Then, the princess’ cuteness should be polished even further, so that Belvant would be heads over heels in love with you. I will lend you m-y h-e-l-p!”


With his long eyelashes bordering his golden pupils, River Link winked.


“River Link, don’t do any unnecessary interfering!”


“Oh my-, consider it as my congratulations to your engagement, so please humbly accept it.”


River Link snapped his fingers while reciting an incantation.




Along with the fading sound, Marietta’s figure disappeared.




“Stupid, River Link, what did you do?!”


At the spot where Marietta was standing, her clothes were left on the floor.

In the middle of the clothes, something moved.




What appeared from the dress’ collar was a small, as small as it could even climb on Belvant’s palm, a white kitten.


“Mi? Mi?”






“Isn’t-she-cute-? It’s okay, the magic will be broken by this evening, so until then, enjoy yourself, play and stroke this cute little cat. I think that skinship is very important between lovers.”


Wrong, the skinship that I wish for, is not this kind of a thing.


Wanting to say that, Belvant grinded his teeth.




Right on top of his palm, a white kitten with her round blue eyes sat there.

Since it was still so small, it couldn’t cry out ‘nyaan’, making it more adorable.


The kitten seemed to respond to River Link’s words of skinship.




She squirmed and crawled out of Belvant’s palm, climbing up on his arm with one breath, and got on top of his shoulder.

Just like that, she rubbed her face against Belvant’s face. The kitten narrowed her eyes and seemed to be happy.


“Oh my, no way, so cute! Even though I’m reluctant to say it, but this kid, is awfully adorable. You really love Belvant to that extent, huh?”


“River Link, it’s because the couple that you teased was originally a lovey dovey one, these two.”


“It looks like so… Here I thought I should pester them a lot, but since they were already foolish, then it should be enough. Then, let’s play again some time! I should go and deliver my report to the king now.”


“You prioritized teasing over the king?!”


“Well then, that magic doesn’t have any kind of side effect, so you can peacefully h-a-v-e f-u-n~!”


Saying that meaningfully, the noisy effeminate magician left the room.






“He truly is a troublesome person, huh. But well, his ability is trustworthy, so there shouldn’t be any harm done, right?”


“For me, he’s done plenty of harm, though!”


“Don’t give up, Belvant. Well then, I still have work to do, so please calm down and play with the little cat.”


I can’t accept it!


This time, while his back was being climbed on, Belvant heaved a sigh.






“Yosh, Mary, come and get it!”




Belvant lied on top of his bed while throwing away the rounded scraps of papers, while the small kitten ran in high spirits, launching several cat punches on top of the floor and caught the rolled paper with her mouth, then she returned to Belvant’s place while jumping.


“Mi! Mi!”


“Yosh yosh, what a good girl! You did it skillfully.”


When he gently patted the cat’s head, she narrowed her eyes as if she was feeling good. Then, as if she was saying to do it again, she begged, [Mi!] while poking the paper.


Even while he was being quite reluctant.

Belvant was still having fun.


“Aaah, how cute, Mary is this world’s most adorable cat.”


The fierce god of Oltaire, where have you gone to?


“Mi! Mi!”


As if to say hurry up and throw it, the kitten playfully bit Belvant’s fat fingers.


“Oi, oi, even if you nibbled on my fingers, they don’t taste good, you know?”


This time, while holding Belvant’s fingers, she furiously did a cat kick with her back paws.

Belvant scooped up the cat and rubbed her cheeks.


“You are so fluffy! Even when Mary becomes a cat, you’re still so adorable!”


There was a reason as to why Belvant was madly in love with the kitten.

As you see, he is the man called as the great devil king that can even make a child cry and run away with their bare feet in fear.

Small animals that are perceptive will immediately run away, if they don’t escape, they will face him with earnestly with their fangs.

No matter how cute they are, he can never touch them.

So, obviously he would become emotionally attached towards the kitten who was being affectionate with him.


However, as part of his reasoning is still intact, he doesn’t go on and spout affectionate baby talk just like, [What a goody, goody girl are you~]


“Mii! Mii! Mii!”


Suddenly, the kitten began to cry out intensely.


“What’s wrong? Is the magic disappearing?”


While slightly feeling disappointed, Belvant asked.


“Mi-, nyaan!”


On top of the bed, the kitten grew.

Then, before one even noticed, her body grew big…


“…wha, what?”




“Wha, what, is this?!”




Just right over there.

Being naked with a white cat ears, also, the long white cat tail remained, Marietta sat down while slightly tilted her head to look up at Belvant.



Author’s Note :

This is the dreadful trap that the effeminate man, River Link laid for the two of them.

Will the fierce god of Oltaire be able to fight against the temptation of the cat ears and meowing?

Look forward to it, in the next chapter! (Laugh)


A little translation note :

Boy, the original Japanese didn’t leave a single hint on the gender, but with the way the author portrayed River, I totally thought River was a female! As I was wondering how to translate the way River Link was addressed so that it didn’t imply any gender in English, I couldn’t find how, so I decided to refer to River as a female at first… until it was revealed that River was in fact a man.



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I seriously thought this chapter would be about the quarrel of love between Marietta and River Link. But now it turns out to be another danger flag for Belvant…? I have the hunch that next chapter will be a blessing for all who have nekomimi fetish XD

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