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Hell Girl’s Rival Omake 1

Let’s not forget the omake, unedited version!

Omake 1

School Life ; Ai vs Anju

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Hell Girl’s Rival 8

Unedited version, this is the last chapter I had in fanfiction!

Chapter 8

Maki : The Stray Cat


“ Hey guys! We’re gonna have a class gathering after school today, those who can come, please gather in front of the school gate, okay?! We’re gonna have a buncha fun!”

The students of 1-A Hikarigaoka Senior High are excitedly discussing about the class gathering they will have soon. They seem to be friendly to one another, even if they made some groups in the class.

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Hell Girl’s Rival 7

Unedited ver~

Chapter 7

Yuuji – Enter, Kikuri’s Rival!

“ NANAMI!” That young teenage boy ran in a rush right after he heard a ruckus in an apartment room next to his. He opened the door quickly which was unlocked in the first place. He managed to get a breath after he opened the door, only to find a dark corridor and living room. He put off his sandals and came into the living room.

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Hell Girl’s Rival 6

Unedited version~

Chapter 6

Kana, and the Crest of Heaven


” Please… not.. forget… restitu… so both…happy.”

The brown-haired little girl cried on her bed. Her cellphone was nearby—or next to her, to be exact. The screen glowed in blue for awhile, and then the blue light disappeared for a moment, before that blue light glowed again from the cellphone’s screen. That little girl didn’t even take a glance at her cellphone. She continued to shiver as she heard her cellphone’s vibrate.

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Hell Girl’s Rival 5

Unedited version~

Chapter 5

Nobara : Gratitude Towards Hell Girl

After a request that a boy named Meguro typed to send Anju, the Heaven Girl to the hell, Kikuri went and finally got the real story behind the request. But although Kikuri said to give up, Meguro didn’t. He sent the request everyday. Will Ai do something about it? And at the same time, in Heaven Girl’s residence….

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Hell Girl’s Rival 4

Unedited version~

Chapter 4

Meguro : Grudge Towards Heaven Girl

It was raining outside. Thunder made that creepy night scarier than ever.

Save us…

Save our crying souls…

It’s all your fault…

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Hell Girl’s Rival 3

Unedited version


Chapter 3

Sachi & Saki : Rejection


A girl opened the class door and came in. All the noises disappeared at the time she came into the class. She walked to her seat, while everyone who were in the way, quickly moved. That medium-light brown-haired-girl always looked down—at her own shoes, without smile. She sat down and opened her drawer under her desk and took out her books.

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Hell Girl’s Rival 2

Unedited version~

Chapter 2

Daiki : “ I Love Him, But I Hate Him”

Rain fell heavily this evening. The sound of rain covered most of another sounds. The sky was very dark and cloudy. A sign that this rain will last for quite a long time. The students who usually played soccer outside, but now you couldn’t see any of them at the usual field. And this goes for a 7th grader, Daiki. He stayed quiet, with his arms grabbed his legs tightly. He sat on his bed, leaned his back on the wall. He kept looking at something near him. A white ring with a red love as the accessory and a blue straw doll.

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Hell Girl’s Rival 1

Unedited version, chapter 1!

Chapter 1


That little girl was staring at the computer. She didn’t move the mouse or even typed something. She remained still. She decided to turn off the computer then grabbed a photo. She dropped herself on her bed and she was looking carefully at the photo. “…Okaa-san (mother)” and she shed tears. She cried until she fell asleep. She didn’t notice that Enma Ai, the Hell Girl was watching over her then disappeared.

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I Heart You 7

The last of the chapter I had in fanfiction site! Unedited ver~

Chapter 7

A Persistent Girl

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